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Siona Lodge Ecological Reserve

Atractions and landscapes of the Cuyabeno Reserve

Indian Community

A visit to the Siona Indian Community is an integral part of any complete tour of the Cuyabeno Reserve. This ethnic group lives along the Cuyabeno River in a community named Puerto Bolivar.

Siona Indian Community - Cuyabeno EcuadorThere you will be able to experience native culture as it has existed, unchanged, for millennia. The local Shaman will instruct you in some of their religious practices and explain their medicinal knowledge, passed down from ancestors whose intimate relationship and deep understanding of the natural resources and rhythms of the jungle are the basis for many of our modern pharmaceuticals.

You will come away from this experience with a greater appreciation about what it means to live in concert with nature and the native intelligence and skill that allows for this kind of complete sustainability.












Cuyabeno Reserve

This protected area is characterized by its high biodiversity and interrelationships between the species inhabiting the area.


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